Since the 1980s, UK-based businesses have incorporated more and more psychometric tests in their recruitment processes.

It has been suggested that psychometric tests in the UK have sprung out of a need for the UK to be more ‘internationally competitive’.
There has been an abundance of government-driven reports highlighting which skills the UK workforce is in dire need of obtaining. Because of this, employers have been more receptive to administering psychometric tests that objectively analyse candidates’ skills and competencies.

Sentients use Wisnio, a data-driven Talent Analytics platform, geared specifically towards the executive search market. Companies of all sizes and stages can use the platform to carry out:

  • Team Assessment
  • Gap Analysis
  • Hiring
  • Onboarding
  • Team Development

Benefits of using Wisnio

Wisnio allows hiring managers and founders to develop an understanding of the values, personality characteristics and core competencies of their existing team against candidates that they are considering hiring into their organisation and specific team. This allows the hiring managers to strengthen capability across identified gaps in the team and bring in the desired attributes and soft skills.

Specifically, talent is better understood by measuring:

  • Core competenciesCore competencies
  • PersonalityPersonality
  • Motives, Values and PreferencesMotives, Values and Preferences

Using established empirical research across 200 studies, Wisnio has a validated algorithm which allows organizations to clearly see the person-team fit and therefore make fully informed hiring choices. In addition, compared to existing psychometric assessments, Wisnio offers unique benefits including;

Candidate Experience

Wisnio is a non-intrusive assessment, taking only around 25 minutes to complete the entire process. Candidates taking the assessment will also have their results fully fed back to them.

Candidate/Team Data

Wisnio provides an inside look at the existing team’s strengths and motivators. Comparing the candidate data to team data helps select the best candidate who will bring deep-level diversity to the team (i.e. who is different in behavioural patterns and competencies). Wisnio also shows how the candidate will fit with the team culture and core values of the team.


Wisnio takes away the reliance on chartered occupational psychologists, providing an easy-to-digest report. The report covers all the competencies, personality and values data for both the existing team and the individual.

Scientific Validity

Each section of the platform relies on three scientific frameworks to better understand people in terms of competencies, personality, and values.

Privacy and Compliance

As with other sensitive candidate data and GDPR legislation, the results of these assessments are stored in secure online locations and shared only with stakeholders where necessary.

Other psychometrics

Although Wisnio is our provider of choice, Sentients can offer other assessments as necessary. These include personality assessments including the Hogan Suite (HPI, HDS, MVPI), NEO, and numerical assessments (RANRA), critical-thinking (Watson-Glaser) or verbal reasoning metrics as appropriate.