Our Purpose

At Sentients, we believe in the power of human connections. We believe that the right leaders in the right roles with the right companies leads to extraordinary results. Our purpose is to empower our clients with the cybersecurity leadership talent they need to protect, enable, and propel their business to future success.

Sentients is a Partner-led boutique and our team features FTSE100 CISO advisors alongside dedicated executive search professionals. Sentient’s network within cybersecurity extends to the highest echelons within the world’s leading firms. This network, developed over nearly 20 years, is one of our greatest assets and helps us to consistently deliver outstanding results for our enterprise clients and cyber scale-ups alike.

Diversity & Inclusion

Using industry benchmarks, Sentients consistently exceeds the expected diversity quota for shortlisted candidates, taking into account protected characteristics, neuro-diversity, and socio-economic backgrounds.

We achieve this through a partnership with our clients to design inclusive methods of attraction and assessment throughout the hiring process. Where necessary, we will work with the hiring team and interviewers to ensure proportionate representation and gender-neutrality, to avoid affinity bias and ensure fair and robust evaluation for all candidates.

About us

Sentients is an international Executive Search firm that defines organizational readiness and success factors for CSO, CISO, and cyber leadership positions.

Leadership skills within the information security and risk management domain have never been in higher demand. Increased regulation, customer scrutiny and rapid digitization to support enterprise growth have all led to a rise in competition when hiring for leadership roles.

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With over fifteen years proven experience in placing CSOs, CISOs and cyber leaders, the Sentients team have an outstanding track record of delivery, with 100% of search mandates filled, and an average tenure for our placements that well exceeds the industry average.

We help some of the world’s most successful companies, from enterprise giants to VC-backed market disruptors. We explore the global cyber leadership talent pool and individual attributes using peer-reviewed, inclusive candidate assessment processes.

Sentients work with you to set the conditions for leaders to succeed, ensuring digital and security capability maturity is sustainable over the long term.

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Mark Schiller

Advisory Board Member

Cameron “Buck” Rogers

Advisory Board Member


Cybersecurity is now a Board-level agenda, and a top-three concern for any business of a critical mass. Numerous high-profile attacks and breaches, as well as several legislative and regulatory changes, have further highlighted the need for a robust approach to information security and assurance across the business estate. As such, finding the right security leader is paramount for any organisation seeking to secure their enterprise effectively.

With the relatively new addition of the CISO position as a retained hire, identifying the best individual for the role can be a challenge. Without a deep understanding of the sector, it can be difficult to understand not only the full spectrum of the role, but also the various journeys to becoming a successful CISO. The position has also developed significantly in complexity, breadth and responsibility, further highlighting a need for specialist Search knowledge.

Today, security leaders are enablers for other business functions and agree that rapid, sustainable change is best achieved through diversity of thought and experience. Our methods produce unique insights and thought leadership which aligns well with our clients’ ESG and ED&I initiatives.

Search Discovery Process

Every search is different. We take the time to understand the industry, organization, team, and role requirements through our discovery process, engaging with stakeholders across the business. Partnership with Sentients gives our clients a competitive edge in their recruitment and retention of cyber leadership, leveraging our unique active community and network alongside empirical data to inform their critical hiring decisions.

Through the course of our search process, clients can expect us to rapidly achieve our delivery milestones:

  • Icon Search
    Discovery &
    Search Scope
  • Role Definition
    Role Definition &
  • Talent Pool
    Talent Pool Mapping,
    Diversity &
    Compensation Study
  • Icon Presentation
  • Psych Evaluation
    & Shortlisting
  • Interview Management
    Interview & Feedback
  • Offer Management
    Offer Management
    & Negotiation
  • Transition Planning
    Transition &
    F100 Planning

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